Host your business emails with Mazeweb.

Crafted on Best Servers with Best Support and with Good Extras

  • 100 MB Mail Box

    350 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 250 MB Mail Box

    450 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 500 MB Mail Box

    750 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 1 GB Mail Box

    1250 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 2 GB Mail Box

    1950 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 5 GB Mail Box

    4050 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 10 GB Mail Box

    8100 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure
  • 25 GB Mail Box

    20250 /year

    • Easy Backup
    • Fully Secure

Ideal solution for Corporates

Mazeweb’s email hosting packages are ideal solution for corporate, entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals with their personal websites. Mazeweb offers complete email solution under corporate domain name to every user with their individual password protected email boxes.

    LIVE Antivirus

    All the email boxes are protected with LIVE Antivirus which scans all the emails and attachments on the server level to protect virus infections spreading in your machines or network.

    POP3 or IMAP or HTTP enabled protocol

    Every user has a facility to receive the emails via POP3 or IMAP or HTTP enabled protocol email client or web mail feature. Users can also setup their own auto reply, vacation message and email forwarder.

Email hosting Technical Specifications

We preinstall and maintain all the software you need on your server.

  • WebMail with Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks
  • Drag and Drop feature in webmail
  • Public Folders for common files store
  • Set out of office START and END date and Time
  • Import address book from Outlook
  • Appointment Scheduling and Invitations
  • Autoresponders
  • Mailbox Redirection
  • Allows concurrent user access to mailbox
  • HTML Editor in webmail
  • Mailbox level SPAM Rules
  • Mobile Webmail version
  • POP Retrieval