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  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Behavior-based automation series save time and give better results
  • Our email marketing automation platform includes a very powerful open API

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What Can You Do With Mailconnect

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  • No CC, No BCC, No “undisclosed recipients
  • Built-in HTML Editor for easy to use
  • Upload your own HTML files
  • Send Plain Text Newsletter
  • Schedule e-mails for a later date and time
  • Re-use previously desgined email
  • Embedded your own designed images
  • Do Follow up campaigns anytime
  • Create Your Own Message Templates
  • Open and Click Tracking Reports
  • In-depth Bounce-Back Reports
  • Create Unlimited Lists as you want
  • Easily Import All Your Contacts
  • Automated list de-duplication & cleanup
  • List Segmente before sending email
  • Automated unsubscribe and bounce back handling
  • Add suppression list and domains
  • Default Suppression Reduces Load

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    • Email Marketing Plans

      Chose from the various affordable plans that suits your requirement.

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    • Email Marketing Plans

      Chose from the various affordable plans that suits your requirement.

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      D 100000 30000 Buy Now
      E 200000 45000 Buy Now
      F 500000 75000 Buy Now
      Prices mentioned above are in Indian Rupees

    • Email Marketing Plans

      Chose from the various affordable plans that suits your requirement.

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      A 500 Free Buy Now
      B 1000 500 (Send Unlimited Emails) Buy Now
      C 2500 1200 (Send Unlimited Emails) Buy Now
      D 5000 2000 (Send Unlimited Emails) Buy Now
      E 7500 2500 (Send Unlimited Emails) Buy Now
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      Prices mentioned above are in Indian Rupees

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Can I see who has clicked a link in my email?

Yes! You can see a break-down of clicks for all the links in your email including where they clicked and when. This information made available to you can be vital to your email marketing strategy, helping you decide on future messages and drop dates.

What is the average open rate for email newsletters?

There are dozens of variables that go into open rates - making the "average" question so difficult. That being said, we believe that open rates (measured using unique opens - meaning only one open per recipient is counted) for most newsletters should be in the 30 to 45 percent range, with most companies that are doing a good job probably falling into the 35-40% range. Companies using the double opt-in process, with mostly newer subscribers, offering extremely compelling content and following best practices can achieve open rates in the 45 to 50+ percent range.

Open rates have been declining a bit for a couple of reasons. Blocked images and preview panes mean that some emails are "viewed" but not counted as "opens." Additionally, as people's inboxes have gotten overwhelmed combined with them subscribing to more and more newsletters, people are making choices about which newsletters are of value and are then opening fewer - even though they may not unsubscribe

What do you do to make sure my emails get delivered?

We have relationships with ISPs and blacklist providers around the globe to help ensure your message gets delivered. Our ISP Relations department works on your behalf by sharing our policies and practices with ISPs thereby forging a relationship of trust between us and them. After all, ISPs want their customers to receive permission opt-in mailings. They trust us to screen all outgoing emails and only allow legitimate mailings to be sent.

In addition, all of your emails are delivered using SenderID, DomainKeys and SPF authentication standards which identifies your email as legitimate and authorized.